Common settings

In the common settings you can change the values like:


At this panel you are able to modify the text language shown for the customers on the displays and tickets.

Ticket layout

In this tab, the ticket layout editor is available, where you can configure the printed tickets style and content.

Changing the logo: Simply upload the chosen file from your computer. Then, you can set the image dithering to ON or OFF and play with the pictures brightness as you wish.

With the Spacing option, you are able to modify the default margin size on the top and bottom side of the ticket.

You can set which text you would like to display on the ticket by turning ON / OFF the chosen values slider.

About the Fonts, simply type in the exact name of the font you would like to use.

Make sure the chosen font style is installed on the device.

Installed fonts:

Orientation, can be the normal or upside down. So, if you print a ticket and it’s orientation is set to reverse, the text on the ticket will be upside down from the customer’s view.