Getting Started - Overview

You can reach the admin interface by typing your device’s IP address into an internet browser’s tab. For example:

These devices has built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to configure from a mobile device. You have to connect your mobile device to the Q-net device’s Wi-Fi network. Which is like qnet-basic-xxxx (SSID) and the password is qnet1234. To do this, type http://qnet.fw into a browser tab.

To begin configuration you must log in to the admin page which can be done via the default password: qnet1234 .

At the Overview page you can see your device’s overview screen. At here you are able to track the CPU, MEMORY usage and the current temperature.

Below that, the information refers to the current percentage used of the available storage and the uptime time of the device.

Further below, you can see device informations like ID and Firmware. Next to that there are network informations where for example IP and MAC adresses are seen.

At the bottom, there are functions which can be handy like: Turn on/off Wi-Fi AP, Restart Basic Server and Reboot device.