Firmware settings

At the settings section, you can configure your system’s Device name, IP address and enable/disable timeserver or set the time with the help of Timezone settings.
To use NTP timeserver make sure, your device is connected to WAN and/or can communicate with the given timeserver.

To change the IP protocoll and details, click ont he Advanced button ont he left bottom corner of the page.

We recommend to use Nightly restart function once/day, because of the Pi’s RAM can reach it’s limit and this can cause freezes in the system.

HW Test

At this panel, you can „one click” test your printer’s operability.


On this page, you can access the device’s file system via a command prompt.

To open the file manager called Midnight Commander, type in ‘mc’.

The Q-net software’s location is at /opt/qnet
Log files are stored at /opt/qnet/basic/logs
Media files are stored at /opt/qnet/basic/media

You can access the raspberry’s configuration interface by typing raspi-config.


Here, you can live track your System, Server and Firmware logs. Also if it is needed you can download it by clicking on the download button on the bottom left side of the page.