Getting Started - Cabling

Cable connections

In general, it is recommended to use stranded UTP cable.
See the UTP colour codes on the below picture. The Brown-Brown/White pair is not used.
For keyboards, because of its flexibility it is better to use 6-wire telephone cable.
In this case, the colour code is not important; only make sure that you make a straight cable, using the same pinout on both ends.

Phone connector 6/6:
(Connected to the distributor)

Pin1: +12V blue-white
Pin2: +12V blue
Pin3: Data A orange-white
Pin4: Data B orange
Pin5: GND green-white
Pin6: GND green

UTP cable UTP cable 6 wire flat cable

Connecting the devices

A USB-serial (RS485) converter provides the connection of keyboards and displays.

These devices are connected through the OE01 distributor to the ticket dispenser.
Remove the cover of the distributor.

Connect the cables of the devices (displays, keyboards, ticket dispenser).
The sockets of the distributors are completely the same. It doesn’t matter if you connect a keyboard, a ticket dispenser, a display, or an other distributor to it. The cable distance from the distributor to a unit should be within 15-20 meters. From a distributor to an other, there is practically no limit.

If the system requires more sockets, simply connect two or more distributors with a UTP cable and connect them to a power supply. (The other distributors also require 12V voltage)

In the case when more distributors are used with more power supplies, the UTP cable which connects the distributors should not connect the +12V power. That means the blue and blue-white wires should not be connected. Otherwise, the distributor and the connected devices will receive +12V from the power supply connected to another distributor. This might cause high current strength on the UTP cable and it might burn!

The DIP switches of the last distributor in the cabling line must be switched ON (even if you’re using only one distributor). The switches in case of all other distributors must be switched OFF.

When you are ready, put back the cover.

For the power supply, use at least 2mm diameter cables.
(The required diameter depends on the distance between the power supply and the distributor. For longer distance you have to use thicker cable to avoid the loss of voltage)