Maintenance - Troubleshooting

Keyboards / Displays

In case the keyboards and displays are not working (it is possible to “Login” and “Logout” on the keypad, but not responding to “Next” button), but the ticket dispenser prints tickets, then probably the serial communication line has a problem.

First try to restart the ticket dispenser. This will reinitialize the device controller.
If the problem persists, then the problem is usually with the serial line.

Make sure that the USB-serial converter connected properly and the connections seems to be OK.
Check the DIP switch settings in the distributor box(es).

If only one device is not working, check its cable and connections. (A UTP cable tester tool is very helpful)
If none of the devices are working, then there is a shortcut on the data line.

Disconnect all devices from the distributors and connect only one of them. Check the functionality. If it is working, connect one more and so on. When after connecting a device the system stops working, then the cable of this device (rarely the device itself) is faulty and causing communication problem. Replace the cable (or device) and check if the system is working properly.

Ticket dispenser

The ticket dispenser does not start up:
In case of touch screen models the screen is blank or error message appears.
In case of push-button models the button LED doesn’t light up after several minutes.

Check the power connections, and try loading the paper to the printer. If the printer loads paper and cuts, then the power connection is OK.
Usually the reason of this problem is, that the file system of the storage device (SD card or SSD) becomes corrupt. Remove the storage device and connect it to a PC.

The system runs Linux operating system, Windows cannot display the file content properly. But even with Windows, the device should be detected by the operating system. In case the device cannot be detected, then it refers to hardware fault.
Replace the storage device, or – if detected properly – rewrite the content with the help of a image writer application such as Win32 Disk Imager or balenaEtcher.

Contact [email protected] in order to receive the proper image for your ticket dispenser.