Display common settings

At this tab, you have the option to:


For test purposes you can display the dispenser in a browser tab: http://DEVICEIP:PORT/dispenser.html

At this tab you can:

About the High-speed printer option, use it as enabled at all time except if you do not want the tickets to get printed for example at configuration or at test cases.


At these settings you can customize your media player’s display and elements.

You can access the display screen at http://DEVICEIP:PORT/display.html


You can have maximum of 16 counters at the same time enabled using the slider to enable or disable them.

To configure the counters according to which counter can handle which service:

  1. Disable the All services option
  2. Then a new drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Here you can chose the wanted services, like in the picture at Counter 1.


In the displays part of the devices page, you can configure how many displays you would like to use at once by using the sliders between enable and disable.

To group the displays, use the Display group drop-down menu and chose the appropriate displays. Now these displays will scroll the ticket number and counter number text from top to bottom.