Getting Started - Installation

Starting the device

Push button edition

Do the neccessary cabling and power up the device. After 20-30s idle time the LEDs on the button will start to blink in green. At this time the system boots and starts it’s services. If the boot process was succsessful the LED lights constantly green.
If the LED is not lighting up after several minutes or it is red some kind of problem happened during the start process. Check the Troubleshooting guide.

Touch display edition

Do the neccessary cabling and power up the device. After starting the device the screen will remain blank fro about 5-10s then system messages will appear on the screen. This boot procedure takes about 1 minute until your services appear on the screen.
If it not boots up, check the Troubleshooting guide.

Fixing the ticket dispenser

We recommend fixing the ticket dispenser to the ground with the screws and Rawlplugs provided. (However, if it is not possible, you can use silicone adhesives or glues).
In order to fix the ticket dispenser with screws, remove the 2 small screw from the bottom plate of the device. Remove the cover plate, so the 4 fixing holes become accessible. Mark the hole positions on the ground. Drill the holes for the Rawlplugs.
Insert them into the holes, place the ticket dispenser to the correct position and fix it with the provided screws.