Maintenance - Paper Replacement

In case the paper level is getting low, a red marking appears on the back of the printed tickets.
That means, it is time to replace the paper roll in the ticket dispenser:

  1. Push firmly the provided door opener key into the hole on the front door.
  2. Press the white lever on the right of the printer to open the printer.
  3. Remove the empty paper roll.
  4. Place the new paper roll in the way, that the paper edge is on the top of the roll;
    The special thermal is printable only on one side. This side should be on the top.
    (You can check it by scratching with your nail: there will be black scratches on the printable side)
  5. Roll down few centimeters from the paper. Hold the edge of the paper, while closing the printer door with other hand.
    A test will be printed with actual printer interface settings. Remove this test ticket.
  6. Close the ticket dispenser front door until locked properly.