Architectures - Clustering

The Q-net application-servers cluster system solution provides improved availability, or improved application performance (more branches to be server). These are not necessarily contradictory directions, but another kind of transformation required to maximize the availability, performance and other species to maximize..

HA (high availability) cluster

The primary purpose is increasing the availability. The HA cluster running on multiple machines, each of the internal nodes synchronize their data with each other in real time. Among the nodes and devices there is a load balancer machine situated, which is distributed among the nodes in the round-robin algorithm requests. If one node fails, the business process is going to run on other nodes. In this way, the data of a ticket wont get lost, in case of failure all of the devices and display controls will be continous.

Q-net V6 High Availability Cluster scheme

Hardware requirements

The same as in case of Central server.

No. of branches CPU RAM
1 to 20 2-4 core CPU 8G
21 to 100 4-8 core CPU 16G+

In case of more than 100 branches, Master-Slave architectrue is recommended.