Statistics - Special values

Special values

Today clients: The clients number who has been serviced on this day.
Today transactions: The transaction’s number what has been done on this day.
Missing clients: Clients who were not present when the calling happened and the clerk set his/her ticket into missing status.
Started TR: Number of all transactions, equal to Real transactions + Non-real Transactions.
Arrived clients: Client who were not missing.
Avg. total time: Avarage of the total time periods from ticket printing until closing the ticket. (Waiting time + Transaction time).
Real TR: Number of finsihed real transactions.
Non-real TR: Number of non-real trancastions: missing clients/transactions + wrong service selections that had to be redirected to another service/counter.
ATW time: Afterwork time.
Total time: Total time of one service flow: Waiting time + Transaction time.
Eff rate #1: Time spent with logged in status / Time period between the first login and last log out (Logged in time)/(Work time).
Eff rate #2: Time spent with transactions / Time spent with logged in status during the day, without the passive idle time.

Note: If you click on the gear wheel icon(module settings) in one of the fields, under Table module type you can check the available values and in some cases with the question mark note, you can see a description of that value.