Architectures - Master Slave

Decentralized operation means that it is not a single centralized application server running the application, but several branches or regional slave servers (“slave” server) serves the requests. The slave servers are connected to a central server. The central server stores the system configuration, which are mirrored into the databases of the slave servers. The central server collects statistical data from the slave servers, so the central server is available for the entire statistical system portfolio. In case of network drop (if the network drops between the central server and the slave server) transactions continue without any malfunction. Once the network connection is restored, the slave servers statistical data is synced to the centralized server and the master server verifies that the configuration has not changed during the loss of network connectivity to the master server.

Central (master) server hardware requirements

4-8 core CPU 16G+

Branch / regional (slave) server hardware requirements

No. of branches CPU RAM
1 to 20 2-4 core CPU 8G
21 to 100 4-8 core CPU 16G+