Further Modules - Q-net Multifunctional Device

with 7” LCD & Touch Panel, on desktop for Pro



In order to improve the quality level of the service of any company that is receiving visitors, customers it is indispensable to use at least one way of a customer feedback solution.

Q-net Pro offers this module: when the transaction is over the clerk will finish the transaction on the hardware / software keyboard and the question(s) will appear on a dedicated device (CF04) that is installed at the counter and the customer can answer by touching the right button / value. The question will appear on that language that was selected at the ticket dispenser and on which the ticket was printed.

We offer a solution for those end users that wish to use only 1 device in 1 branch. This is obviously an inexpensive way, but the customers usually want to give their opinion only if they are not really satisfied. In this case they should find the same CF04 unit (desktop) or its alternative on stand: CF05.

The customer should select a language, add the ticket number and answer the question.

Unfortunately this cannot be the precise solution as not every customer would stop for this process at leaving the office.

The Q-net Pro queue management software can be extended with several extra features and optional software modules. Some of them requires a hardware element. For this we have created CF04 Multifunctional Device with 7” LCD & Touch Panel, on desktop (and CF05, the on stand version of CF04).


The CF04 can be used for the following purposes currently:

CF04 Dimensions:

Height: 50 mm

Width: 198 mm

Depth: 170 mm

CF05 Dimensions:

Height (with stand): 940 mm

Width: 198 mm

Depth: 258 mm

Power requirement: 5V DC, 2A

Cabling with CF04