Further Modules - Software Keyboard- SH59

Experimental version

SH59 is a new version of the sotware keyboard provided by Q-net. It’s a modern designed, responsive and more reliable software keyboard.

At the login screen you have to select the branch and counter which you would like to login with your user‘s credentials.

Main screen

In this screen the clerks can see the current waiting clients and those who are on any of the waitlists. Also, from here the user can call the next waiting cutomer from the waiting client list.

Can set the pre-configured statuses:

Transaction screen

Ticket informations

This screen provides all needs connected to customer service. Transaction screen contains informations
about the current served ticket such as:

Ticket comment / Customer information can be saved with the ‘save’ icon to make it appear in the statistics module:

Ticket actions

Clerks are able to perform actions to the ticket like:

Redirect types

The system supports three ways of ticket redirection:

You can redirect to other counter/clerk only in case the there is a service on the ticket which can be handled by the target counter/clerk.
You can enable the option:
Allow further actions on the ticket after redirected to service
Central settings -> Advanced setting ->Tickets tab

If enabled, then when a ticket redirected to a service, it won’t be closed immediately on the keyboard, the redirection actually only adds the new service to the ticket, and then the clerk has the possibility to close the ticket (any other clerk can call the ticket by the new service), or can redirect to a selected counter/clerk.

With this option enabled, after doing a transaction by clerk 1, the ticket can be redirected to clerk 2 with a different service.

The system will ask which logged in Clerk, which available Counter or which Service the user wants to redirect the ticket and if there has been any transaction made or not . Either if there has been any transaction made or not – redirected ticket will keep it’s priority – if the global/local setting is not overwritten.

Closing ticket

To close a ticket you have to use the ‘Stop’ button. There are two ways of closing a ticket with or without transaction.
If you would like to close the ticket without transaction click on the arrow icon next to the Stop button:

Tickets screen

It is the tab where the clerks can see all of the waiting tickets and the waiting lists. Also here a new ticket can be created, skipping the ticket dispenser procedure in case of wrong service selection by the customer.

By selecting a ticket users has the option to direct call or delete a ticket based on the configured User roles.

Messages screen

Chat module is available for the circle of registered clerks to share information between themselves if it is enabled at User roles.

Statistics screen

This tab is about the clerk’s personal statistics available from the sotware keyboard.

Transaction time: Time spent with transactions
Avg. Transaction time: Avg. time spent with a transaction
Logged in time: Time spent with logged in status during the day
Passive idle time: Time spent logged in, without doing transactions
Active idle time: Time spent logged in, with backoffice work
Eff rate #1: Time spent with logged in status / Time period between the first login and last log out (Logged in time)/(Work time)
Eff rate #2: Time spent with transactions / Time spent with logged in status during the day, without the passive idle time
(Transaction time)/(Logged in time): Without the passive idle time


Desktop Pop-up windows notification can be enabled from the settings menu. This option will help the clerk to notice the newly arrived customer. This event only triggers only, when the number of the waiting customer turns 1, from 0.

Please note: This feature will work only with HTTPS connection in case of Google Chrome version 62, or higher! The new version of the browser will find this insecure content without the secure connection. This feature is not working with Internet Explorer.

Alarm function

Alarm function can be initiated from the bottom menu.

If a user starts an alarm, 000 will be displayed on the waiting area display devices to note the security personel about the security event also other users can see on their software keyboard the initiated alarm and can stop it, too.