Getting Started - Setup CRM

There could be two types of CRM integration with Q-net system.

1. Usually we send REST API request to the server of the company with the data we received from the ticket dispenser. It can be mobile number, card number, name etc..
For this request the system of the company answers with additional information about the client. This can be name, address, VIP status etc…

2. The second solution is to send direct SQL queries to the database of client’s CRM.
This solution is usually slower and the answer time strongly depends on the resources of the CRM system.

All CRM integrations are requiring personal developments. It takes about 2-5 workdays based on the integration’s difficulty. In this case contact [email protected] .

Example situation of CRM usage:
If a client identifies his/herself at the ticket dispenser then data will be sent to the CRM system which answers with a specified value. In this case, the client will get a higher priority ticket. The Rule looks like this:

Customer data from CRM database are displayed to the clerk via the software keyboard’s Transaction page

and also appears at the Statistics and Monitoring module.