Further Modules - Q-net RATE Customer Feedback


The installation of the Q-net standalone software is the same as the Pro version. It requires a database server and the Q-net software.
Installation guide HERE.


About the licensing policy read more HERE.


Afer the successful installation, the admin and configuration interface is available at http://SERVERIP:3000/qnet6/ .

After selecting the System administration option, login credentials will be required. The default ones are:
username: admin
password: admin

(user credentials and roles can be changed here.)

Feedback profiles

In order to use our Customer Feedback device, we will need to setup our profile for it.

By default you can find a pre-created feedback profile which can be used as a template.

The steps would be the following:

  1. Create a new profile or use the existing Deafault one.
  2. Name or rename your profile
  3. At the Profile structure tab, you have to drag&drop the items from the right column to the left. Start with the language, then the question.

    How to add different or more languages to the system?

  4. To edit or create a new Question go to the Questions tab after you Saved the changes you made.

Here you have to:

  1. To edit or add different Answers, navigate to the Answers tab

Here you can:

  1. We are done with the Feedback profile

Feedback devices

Once we are ready with the profile settings, we can move on to the device configuration.
First of all, make sure the Feedback device is connected to the Q-net server. Connect to the device using it’s IP address in a browser tab.
More information about RPI devices here.

If the device is connected to the Q-net server and can communicate without error, it will appear at the admin page. If somehow the device does not appear automatically but the connection seems ok, you can add it manually by checking it’s WSID at the device’s control panel then type it manually.

Type: Select HTML customer feedback module (CF04)
WSID: Device’s ID
Description: For example: name
Device controller: Select the CF04’s device controller
Counter: No counter. It means the device will operate without tickets and counters
Profile: Select the feedback profile to be used
Open in browser: With the URL provided, the device’s screen can be displayed in any PC connected to this network, therefore QR code also can be generated from this URL so customers can open the feedback interface via their mobile device if the network is configured that way.

Ping and Refresh screen options are also available.