Statistics - FAQ

Why is there a difference between two AVG. WAITING TIME or AVG.TRANS.TIME?

On some pages/tabs these two field’s values are different from each other, because one value shows the global avarage and the other shows the avarage’s avarage value.
For example: On this screen you can see two different AVG.TRANS.TIME values. The value in the red square shows the global avarage, the value in the orange square shows the avarage’s avarage.

Why transaction number and client number are different?

They are different, because a client can have no transaction with a clerk. For example, s/he chose a wrong service and the clerk closed this ticket with no transaction. In this case CLIENT NUMBER > TRANSACTION NUMBER.

In another scenario, if the client choose two different services in one ticket, that means the clerk has to handle two transactions. In this case TRANSACTION NUMBER > CLIENT NUMBER.