Getting Started - Licensing

Every software package will have its own certificate. This certificate includes the amount of peripherals and the validity date. Once the certificate validity ends the software will remain installed on the PC but won’t be able to be used. That is why a Days remaining counter has been built in. The Date of validity shows the final date of the license. Certificate status lets you know if there is any certificate applied or not.

Before request a certificate from the support team ([email protected]) make sure that the IP and hostname of the server will be the final one.

Then start/restart the Q-net Pro v6 Windows service and send us the content of “Server certificate” field and let us know the name of the end-user company.

Also it is helpful if you can provide the invoice or proforma number of the purchased system.

We will send a permitting certificate as a reply. You’ll need to copy this content to ”Permitting certificate” field and press “Apply”.

Due to our general licensing policy we provide the Q-net software license for 12 months. Every certificate renewal is free of charge and sent you by e-mail before expiry.
In case your license turns invalid you will have a 30 days period until the software becomes limited.

You also have the ability to check all of your servers license status:

Setup notification for licenc expiry:

Under Central settings/System alerts you have the option to configure an alert as the following:
Event: Certificate Expiration Warning
Reaction: Send E-mail , Send SNMP data package , Send SMS via SMPP gateway , Notify administrators , Notify counters

Note that, any hardware, IP, MAC change (including virtual systems) will make the current license to turn invalid. This will result in system “breakdown” and you will have to request a new certificate.

The License summary section informs you about the status of the optional software modules and the used and maximum number of devices.