Getting Started - Requirements

System requirements

The server and network requirement depends on the branch network size, the number of connected devices and the customer flow.

The solution supports virtual environment so it is possible to add more resources if the system performance requires it. The supported cluster features are:

We support only the Tomcat application server based systems.

Stable network connection is necessary for the flawless operation.

For small branch networks where the number of branches are below 6 and the clerks’ number is less than 10 per branch we suggest the following configuration:

Bigger networks require individual server specifications.

PROs and Contras (Slave server system vs standard install)


Internet connection can drop between the server and branches – transactions won’t drop.


Upgrading the system becomes more difficult – have to separately upgrade all locations at a version change.

Delay: modifications on the admin interface will revert on the branch side within from a few seconds to a few minutes.

If there are some settings made – you have to wait a bit.

Need to request new certificate, every time you install a slave server.